About me

I am a highly experienced professional, with a broad range of skills covering all aspects of information technology, as well as management, finance, contract law and copyright. In my work I bring together my analytical skills and my creativity.

I bring a wide variety of skills to bear on the challenges faced by your business

  • Software and systems design, including high availability systems and baremetal hosting technology, cloud hosting, AI and machine learning
  • Marketing planning and analysis
  • Financial analysis and projections
  • Contract due diligence
  • Regulatory/compliance, with specific attention to copyright & GDPR
  • Management and workflow processes
  • Employee motivation, HR and grievance procedures
  • Copywriting and editing


  • Native English
  • Fluent Spanish
  • B2 Dutch
  • Working knowledge of French/German/Portuguese
  • Basic Hebrew and Arabic (MSA/Levantine) (written and spoken)

What I can do for you

My 25+ years of experience working at the interface between media and tech allows me to give advice that cuts across the entirety of your business, including, for example:

  • IT strategy: setting up infrastructure, scalability, cloud platforms, security
  • Online marketing strategies and SEO
  • Long-term financial projections and planning
  • Integrating machine learning and LLMs into your business
  • Crafting Ts & Cs and managing legal risks
  • Advising on UX and web/app design

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